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Networked Projects
(12th Five Year Plan)

Project Number Project Title Project Sponsor Project PL Starting date Compl. date Mod. Compl. date Contract Value
(in Lakhs)
CSC 0132  

Design and development of novel solvent extraction/hydrometallurgical process for separation and recovery of individual rare earth from selected resources/rare earth and other values from wastes


National Institute for interdisciplinary science and technology Dr. B D Pandey 01/03/2013 31/03/2017 0000-00-00 169.58
ESC 0103  

Development of novel CSIR Technologies for manufacturing tailored and patient-specific Bio-Ceramic implants and biomedical devices at affordable cost (Bioceram)


CSIR-CGCRI Dr. Arvind Sinha 01/04/2012 31/03/2017 0000-00-00 81.31
ESC 0104  

Advanced ceramic materials and composites for energy and structural applications (CERMESA)


CSIR-CGCRI Dr. L C Pathak 01/04/2013 31/03/2017 0000-00-00 37.73
ESC 0109  

Development of zero waste technology for processing and utilization of thermal coal.


CSIR Dr. Avimanyu Das 01/04/2012 31/03/2017 0000-00-00 1215.90
ESC 0503  

Development of Magnesium Metal Production Technology (MPT)


CSIR Dr. Manoj Kumar 01/07/2012 30/06/2017 0000-00-00 1795.10
PSC 0101  

Very high power Microwave Tubes: Design and development capabilities (MTDDC)- i) Development of ultrathin TiN coatings on alumina for rf window and ii) Thermal and mechanical characterization of materials for gyroton.


CSIR- CEERI Dr. S. K. Mishra 01/04/2013 31/03/2017 0000-00-00 160.78
PSC 0111 Measurement Innovation in Science and Technology (MIST) CSIR-NML Dr. Sanchita Chakravarty 01/04/2012 31/03/2017 0000-00-00