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The information Management & Dissemination Centre introduced several value added services apart from continuing its regular activities. Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is hosted through 11 nodes in the Library Hall other than Scientists’ respective desktop computers. Further, Library users could get Online access to the full-text research journals of publishers like Springer, Wiley-Interscience, Oxford University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry, Nature, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, Taylor & Francis, IEEE, Sage, Emerald, ASTM Digital library and few selective journals of Elsevier. Access to databases related to Standards (BIS, ASTM), Patents (Derwant Innovation Index, Delphion, WIPS), Metal Abstract (Metadex), Ceramic Abstract, Chemical Abstracts, Web of Science, SCOPUS, are also provided to the NML Library users. Institutional Repository of NML publications and old R&D reports are hosted through NML-Library intranet portal. Customer specific services were designed and delivered to its institutional library members. Some of the beneficiaries are Jindal Stainless Ltd., Jindal Power, Tata Steel, Usha Martin, Tata Motors, Tinplate, Mecon, AIADA, Auto Fibre Ltd., NITs and several Engineering Colleges. During 2008, NML Journal “Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science” completed its 50 years of journey and now can be accesses online through


Text Box: Activities



·                     Library Information Management

-                 Collection development (Books, Serials, Standards, Patent etc.)

-                 Technical processing (Classification / cataloguing / Barcoding etc)

-                 Circulation (Issue / Return / Renewal / Reservation etc.)

-                 Serial Control (Kardex entry/Reminder/Binding)

-                 Inter Library Loan & Document Delivery

-                 Budget, Expenditure control & Audit reply

-                 Physical/Stock Verification and weeding out

·                     Access to On-line Databases

-                 Maintaining linkage for Science Direct

-                 Ingenta - Gateway

-                 Metadex / Compendex database

-                 Electronic journals for full text

·                     NML Archive

-                All in-house R&D project reports Since 1952

-                Old NML product samples

-                NML Publications

-                Bibliographical documents

-                Specialised & Technical Reports

·                     NML Publications & Sale proceeds

-                 Publication of Journal (Jr. of Metallurgy & Materials Science ISSN 0972-4257) - Priced

-                 In-house Bulletin Quarterly (NML News ISSN 0972-4265) - Free

-                 Laboratory's Annual Report (ISSN 0972-4273) - Free

-                 Technical Books (ISBN 81-87053-00-0) - Priced

-                 Brochures / Pamphlets - Free

-                 Information Folders  - Free

·                     Membership (Individual and Institutional)

-                 Issue/Return of Library Documents

-                 SDI Services / Literature Search

-                 Referral and Reference Services

-                 Document Delivery Services

-                 Reprography Services

·                     Participation in Exhibition / Trade Fair

-                 Planning and Preparation of Stalls

-                 Production of Publicity Materials

-                 Display of print and Audio-Visuals

-                 Active Participation / Interaction

-                 Feedback Collections & Response to enquiries

·                     NML Advertisement & PR Materials

-                 Contact with Press / Media

-                 Design and release of Ad

-                 Production of Visiting cards/Letter head /NML Diary/ Monthly Calendar / Greetings/ Other related materials

Text Box: Expertise



·                     Providing Library services

·                     Customised Information Services

·                     Document Delivery Services

·                     Design, Layout, Value Addition and Editing for Print and Non-print promotional Materials

·                     Scientific and Technical Publications

·                     Mass communications


Text Box: Major Facilities



·                     NML Library has holding more than 3.0 lakhs (Books, Journals, Technical reports, microfilms, microfiches, films, video cassettes, audio cassettes, standard / patents.

(The library opens at 9:30 am to 5:30 pm - Monday to Friday and 9:30 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday. Access is restricted to NML Staff and individual/institutional members only. Membership is available to individuals for Rs. 1,000/- p.a. , Industries (upto 5.0 crores annual turnover) for Rs. 2,500/- p.a., Large Industries (more than 5.0 crores annual turnover) for Rs. 5,000/- p.a. and Non-profit making Institute for Rs. 1,500/- p.a.)

·                     Databases available on the CD (Metadex since 1966, Compendex, ASTM, BIS and some In-house databases)

·                     Online Access to Global Databases and Journals

·                     Library intranet and Internet facilities

·                     OPAC facilities (under construction)

·                     Desktop publishing (Apple Macintosh system)

·                     Colour Photography and processing (B/W)

·                     In-house letter press printing & binding

·                     Centralised Reprography


Text Box: Services



·                     Providing Library reading materials

·                     Referral and references services

·                     R&D Alert Services to the Library users

·                     Literature search (both electronic & print)

·                     Selective Dissemination of Information Services

·                     Document Delivery Services

·                     Translation services on demand

·                     Inter Library Loan

·                     Current Press clipping services

·                     Reprints of articles

·                     PR materials

·                     Providing expert services in preparation & production of Scientific & Technical Publications

·                     Providing Photo coverage of NML R&D Experiments and Events

·                     Reprographic & Document binding services


Text Box: Manpower



Head of the Centre

Dr. N.G. Goswami, Scientist F


Scientist & Technical Officer

Mr. P.N. Mishra, Scientist C

Mr. S.N. Hembram, Technical Officer B

Mr. A.K. Sahu, Technical Officer A


Supporting Staff

Mr. G. Shailendra Kumar, Gr. II(3)

Mrs. Gupti Devi, Gr. I(4)

Mr. Gurnek Singh, Gr. I(4)

Mr. Paras Nath, Gr. I(4)

Mr. S.N. Dhar, Gr. I(4)

Mr. Pratap Singh, Gr. I(4)

Mr. S.S. Mohanty, Gr. I(3)

Mr. Gautam Banerjee, Gr. I(2)

Ms. Seema Kumari, Admin.

Dr. N.G. Goswami

Sr.Deputy Director & Head

Information Management & Dissemination Centre

Jamshedpur - 831 007, India

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Tel : (R) +91-657-2422195

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