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Team Member

Dr. Arvind Sinha, FNASc
Chief Scientist & Head, IMDC

Transparency Officer
S&T Management; Library Administration
Information Dissemination and Business Promotion Materials; Knowledge Resources Services
Dr. P.N. Mishra
Pr. Scientist

Supervision of library housekeeping; Classification;  Library Reference services; News paper clipping services; Promotional support in Advt./Exhibition

Mr. S.N. Hembram
Sr. Technical Officer (2)

Library Collection Development; Accessioning of documents; Serial (Acquisition & Control); Audit & Physical verification

Dr. A.K. Sahu
Sr. Technical Officer (1)
Digital Library Management; Online Bibliographic Services; Institutional Repository; NML Archive; NML Technical Publications; Webpage designing; Library Computer support; Media Coverage
Mr. M. Samanta
Technical Assistant

Circulation Control; Tech. Processing
(e-cataloguing); Library Reference services;
Online Bibliographic services

Shri G.S. Kumar
Sr. Technician (2)

Circulation Control; Data entry & Secretarial;
e-Cataloguing; Assistance in Technical Publication; Assistance in Exhibitions

Shri Paras Nath
Lab. Assistant

Assistance in Printing job; Binding of project document etc.; Books repairing; Assistance in
Digital Library; Assistance in Photography;
Media Contacts

Shri Goutam Banerjee
Lab. Attend. (2)

Outdoor photography; Coverage of NML activities photos; Stamping & filing of documents;
Messenger services & Misc. jobs